Sunday, October 25, 2009

Electric Tickle Machine Live in BK

Electric Tickle Machine Saturday, November 24 at Shea Stadium, Brooklyn.

One of the few exciting (newish) bands I have seen lately. Charismatic somehow, they seem to light up the room with their presence and sound. Very impressive and definitely worth seeing live. Their new single "Part of Me" is still whirling around my head... a catchy and well crafted tune from their new release, Blew it Again.

Their LP Blew it Again and Electric Tickle Machine tour dates can be found at :

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mind Magazine with Barneys New York

I regularly photograph displays for Barney's New York on Madison Avenue, NYC. Recently my photos were featured in a story about BNY's head window maestro Simon Doonan, whom I have had the pleasure to work for since 2007. Simon is also author of the side splitting "Confessions of a Window Dresser." The follow four page article featuring my photos was published in MIND magazine (the VS. issue) 2009.

Jen Ross specializes in shooting both interior and exterior architecture as well as display. I am an experienced retoucher and produce print ready archival display photography with a quick turnaround and impeccable accuracy.

New Mexico and Arizona, sustainable livers.

This is the latest by photographer Jen Ross.

Welcome to my blog. So much shooting and so very little time to constantly update a website, hence this blog - place to really check out my latest projects and what I am doing in terms of art and architecture. To see more of my work visit

I recently traveled out west to New Mexico and Arizona to see what's going on out there and to begin to remember what open sky looks like - its a photographers paradise out there...

I took a few candids of this woman who lives completely off the grid in Rochester. She was on the mesa looking at earthships and sustainable living communities that exist in that area.

We drove from Taos to Ghost Ranch and arrived just in time for a sunset walk and shoot.

This is a shot I took of my travel companion while he was out on the mesa between twin and three peaks near Taos in New Mexico.