Sunday, March 21, 2010


Today my wonderful friend Chantal Kaftan took me to see a dear friend of hers. Chantal is a professional designer with a natural gift for staging, decorating, and organizing people's spaces; she regularly goes to Michele DeSantene's home on the upper west side where she organizes the many treasures, and creates a functional, open space for this beautiful woman. I was lucky enough to come along today. I was immersed in the vibe and space, and Michele was happy to have me create my own bit of art in her little sanctuary. As my friend Daniel Nyohaku Soergel (flautist) put it: "My word for it is "poetic space" meaning somewhere between reality, fantasy, and life- a place where being and art making seem indistinguishable."I start with a photo of the vase that Picasso gave to Michele as a gift: