Saturday, October 9, 2010

Norhtern Cascades and San Juan Islands, Washington State

I am in a hotel airport waiting for my flight back to NY after a wonderful time shooting the San Juans and Northern Cascades... more to come from this amazing journey.

Here is a photo from the Casscade Pass Sahale Arm hike on a clear, dry day.

An early morning shoot somewhere from the side of the long and winding road.

I also had the opportunity to head out on a boat from Orcas Island, whale watching and I watched a pod of Orchas for an hour or so making their way thrrough Canadian waters. What overwhelming beauty and awe inspiring calm one feels just hearing them breathe.

These two was taken from Orcas Island around dusk:


The Bull Run Inn, Marblemount, WA. Last little hikers hotel before the pass.

Ferry from Anacortes


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